7.2 L

ultra compact

295 mm

ready for full-size GPUs

A4-SFX v4.1
The A4-SFX case is a one-man project with the goal of creating the smallest case possible while still using high-end standardized components, such as Ryzen™ 7 processors and powerful full-length GPUs such as the GeForce RTX™ 3080.

The result is a unique product that is much smaller than all competing cases. This case is perfect for SFF (Small Form Factor) enthusiasts, those who need a highly portable system, developers who require a case with a smaller footprint due to limited desk space, and gamers who want a high-end PC experience in their living room.

The case was developed in cooperation with the community from the following forums:

What's new in v4.1?
With v4.1 the A4-SFX will be the first sandwich layout case that supports PCIe® x16 Gen4. Furthermore we add USB 3.2 gen2 type-C front panel support with the new internal Key-A connector.

  • 3M™ 8KC3-0726-0300 PCIe® x16 Gen4 riser
  • USB 3.2 gen2 Type-C front port with internal Key-A

How It Works
This case uses what we refer to as a sandwich hardware layout. Using a PCIe® extender allowes for the most prominent design feature of this case, which is the location of the GPU behind the motherboard. The A4-SFX comes with a high quality PCIe® extender, made by 3M™, which allows for PCIe® Gen4 support.

The case allows for easy mounting of either SFX or SFX-L power supplies. The PSU is located in the front of the chassis.

Depending on the size of the PSU, up to two 2.5” HDDs or SSDs can be mounted in the drive bay. The drive bay is mounted with rubber spacers to reduce vibration and noise. A third 2.5" drive can be mounted behind the front cover.

GPUs without a protective backplate can safely be used in the case. A thin plastic film is installed to prevent electrical short with the aluminum chassis or the PSU.

With the new version of the A4-SFX you will be able to mount a 92mm fan or a 92mm All-In-One water cooling solution in place of the drive bay.

Thermal Concept
Every component cools itself by getting fresh air directly from the outside. Hot air in the case will move to the top and then outside without the need of an extra fan. This principle works perfectly and results in amazing cooling efficiency compared to other cases.

DAN Cases GmbH has partnered with the best in the industry for the A4-SFX. The all-aluminum body will be manufactured by Lian Li in Taiwan per their highest quality standards. The PCIe extender will be supplied by 3M. The extender uses 3M's patented Twin Axial technology, and is widely recognized as the most reliable PCIe extender on the market. A commitment to quality lies at the core of our business philosophy.


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Where to buy
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