Availabe end of June on Caseking, OverclockersUK and SFFLab.

No they are not included, but DEMCiflex offers a compatible kit.
Yes the A4-SFX was designed to comply the ATX standards, so it will fit.
The motherboard tray and PSU will have a non-conductive shield attached in order to ensure that the back of the GPU does not come into contact with bare metal.

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  • Motherboard: ASRock X99E-ITX
  • Heatsink: Dynatron T318
  • FANs: sub 20 mm FAN
  • Other: thin cable ties

Cooler Compatibility:
The ASRock X99E-ITX is the only motherboard in ITX form factor for Socket 2011-3. Unfortunately, it does not use the square base ILM like other desktop boards. The X99E-ITX uses the narrow ILM socket for server boards. Therefore a normal 2011-3 cooler does not fit. The board includes a tower heatsink, but it is too tall for the A4-SFX. Therefore the Dynatron T318 must be used. This is a 1U cooler, with a height of 27 mm. The T318 is made out of copper, with a Vapor Chamber on the base and a cooling performance up to an TDP of 140 W. Due to the low height of the heatsink, all fans up to 20 mm in height can be mounted. The fan must be fastened with cable ties on the heatsink, as it does not have a clamp or screw mount.

Pictures of the build:

Temperature values: